"The artists love this place for it's quiet surroundings and good vibes." >>
What's in it for you? Our clients are both international record companies and independent artists or labels. For a proposed budget they both demand a finished product on which they can profit.
For the enterprises Hitsville symbolizes a partner that meets expected standards. This means keeping dead-lines, intent to create a highly commercial product and devoting all - our own or external - skills to the project.
For smaller entities we have been able to assist in making contacts with larger players, leading to license deals or management. We often take an executive role when working with good acts on a tight budget. It serves all parties if the talent actually evolves into an artist.
Music production today is a large scale industry, though always in need of fresh talent and independent "new" acts. The Hitsville production environment acknowledges this as a fact, and with our differing backgrounds we try to keep a healthy connection between "big and small".
- All associated Hitsville staff have worked for record companies - as A&R's, in-house studio staff or department directors.
- Several have an artist career behind them - either as solo artists or members of a band.
- It didn't start with Hitsville. Some of us have been making records one way or another since the early 80's...
The artists love this place for it's quiet surroundings and good vibes. The clients show gratitude for safe delivery of good tracks.
We can assist in several ways:
- Finding songs - or write them
- Pre-produce with the talent to sculpt a future sound
- Record the material
- Programmers & musicians at hand - only credited people!
- Mix or remix for radio/commercial use
One, more or all of the above. We are used to team up, take over, or leave things to others - anything that caters for the best result.
Hitsville is also a good spot for songwriters sessions, demoing, audio-for-video - Give us a call, it might help...

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