"Since fall of 2000 the ever moving production unit has it's home by the beautiful Iddefjord..." >>
The Hitsville facility of today was initially producer/songwriter Ole Evenrude's own project studio. The old setup was mobile, so the budding team quickly fell into the habit of working "on the road". The early Hitsville was mainly booked with Evenrude's own productions, with off-time used by the engineers and programmers who also did their own work.
Country houses and sea-side cottages were often used for sessions. This suited the artists well, since they could get away from pretty much everything - except making music. Most of the acts were "computer-based", so a large room facility was barely needed.
With time several of Evenrude's commercial successes were created in this manner, while larger studio complexes folded... Music technology progressively favored small scale production units.
Evenrude's staff were mainly recruited from larger facilities, and the musicians and programmers from a crop of successful productions. All became thriving freelancers and Hitsville could harvest their skills when needed, suited to the size of the current project. It would be anything from a local childrens' album to top singles like A-Teens "Mamma Mia"...
Considering all this, Hitsville decided to leave Oslo permanently, and settle down outside the town of Halden. Since fall of 2000 the ever moving production unit has it's home by the beautiful Iddefjord, right on the norwegian/swedish border.
The creative essence of early Hitsville is still the driving force. The scenery is so relaxing compared to the cramped conditions in a large city. No boring hotel rooms, normal home-cooked food, and the studio is the client's own domain. The staff you choose to work with is always available during the project, and an open minded attitude  naturally spreads among both artists and production team.
The sea-side facility is residential, accommodating anything up to 12 people. Artists won't be kicked out of the studio in the evening, or share time with other clients. Hitsville is dedicated to it's clients and to making music.
Most importantly, Hitsville is totally scalable - Low-budget is not a shameful term around here, while  we still maintain the  professional clout to serve the major players. Our production environment is always adapted to the task at hand..

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