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Tomas Siqveland (jan. 26th '66)
By a combination of luck and talent, the band - of which Siqveland was a member - got a break on national TV back in '82. Then a bass player, he soon had more focus on what happened on the other side of the studio window. Being more of a tech nerd than a bass player, and more an arranger and composer than a musician, Siqveland found that life behind the large consoles of the 80's was more exiting.

The band "Drama" was a commercial success until the flight-cases were finally shut in '88. Siqveland's musical achievements though, were centered around the recording process and figuring out arrangements. He also spent additional time on the road as Front-of-House engineer for various acts.

By 1986 two of his band colleagues had built a pretty modern project studio, and Siqveland started to build his reputation as a record producer. Always engineering his own sessions, his programming and tech skills developed. As war was raging between MIDI enthusiasts and opponents, Siqveland often used the new stuff in already settled styles of music.

In '88 he was hired by his former label as staff engineer in the company's SSL-equipped studio. Recording, mixing or producing literally hundreds of tracks in various genres, Siqveland stayed on until 1994. Armed with a firm grip on his craft, Siqveland decided to go solo as a freelancer.

CNR, then under Arcade, had other plans, subsequently hiring Siqveland as Head of local A&R. Armed only with scattered experience in the field, he only stayed there for a year. One major problem was finding good producers for his signed acts, another one was to separate modern pop oriented music from the "grown-up" stuff. The experience kicked him back into music production, now wanting to merge his skills with the new scene evolving during the 90's.

Before 1997 Siqveland had occasionally worked with Ole Evenrude. Now the collaboration became a habit, and Siqveland's programming, arranging and recording skills remained a permanent part of Hitsville's studio environment. His early nerd-like fancy of PC's and mac's no longer gathered overbearing smiles; Knowing how to use them was by now crucial.

Tomas Siqveland is still a freelancer, but moved with Hitsville to Halden in mid 2000. Settling down across the Iddefjord in Sweden, he regularly crosses the border, exporting his skills for the benefit of Hitsville as a whole. His wide experience in various music styles has earned him a reputation of being the literal Swiss army-knife of music production.

"Do or do not... there is no try." (Yoda, Jedi trainer)

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