(Anguilla anguilla)
(Perca fluviatilis)
(Esox lucius)
(Coregonus lavaretus)
Freshwater Bream
(Abramis brama)
Lake Herring
(Coregonus albula)

Fishing at Hitsville

There are plenty of opportunities for catching fish right at the doorstep. The fjord (Iddefjord) is narrow and long, about 13 miles or 22 km. It also has a sharp "dogleg" bend near the city of Halden. This means that the water is brackish, so both fresh- and sea-water species thrive!

You may use the old rod, fly fishing gear, go trolling or simply use a net. Choosing the latter method won't provide the "fishing trip" experience, but it will guarantee dinner...

The Berby river runs into the fjord at the southern end. This river is an eldorado for salmon fishing, with it's own organization of owners. Hitsville can provide you with a temporary membership card against a small fee. The money is used for cultivating the river area.

The right to catch fish is free for all in Norway, but some restrictions apply to the Iddefjord area, depending on the seasons. Nevertheless there are always possibilities for fishing – Freshly caught it's part of our own staple diet...!

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